Introducing CampaignBuilder 3.7 advanced enterprise level email marketing automation technology and CRM systems

Almost real-time delivery of marketing messaging.

CampaignBuilder enables corporate enterprises to create and deliver high impact and successful email marketing programs that drive revenue, influence behavior and deepen customer relationships and increase customer retention.

CampaignBuilder is a scalable, secure, and leading-edge web-based email marketing management solution. CampaignBuilder is being developed with Microsoft SQL 2005 database software and Windows 2008 Server software amongst other Microsoft technologies.

Team Management and Collaboration

CampaignBuilder was built with enterprise management in mind. CampaignBuilder collaborative campaign management tools, lets you control the process of creating and coordinating email marketing campaigns through built-in workflow tools for collaboration across marketing groups, corporate divisions, outside marketing and advertising agencies.

  • Campaign Reporting
    Compare campaign results across promotions and price categories.

  • Turnkey Deployment
    No IT Hassles. No IT delays. No IT installations.

  • Outsourced Web-based Application
    Eliminates internal server overloads due to internal bandwidth and hardware issues. Scalable and flexible platform.

  • TemplateBuilder
    Our easy-to-use graphical TemplateBuilder wizards help you to create a graphical message with only a few mouse clicks.

  • High Speed Send Engine
    Sends out text and/or HTML messaging at the rate of 500,000 per hour per server (we have many servers).

  • Real-time Tracking
    Campaign tracking results are reported to you in real-time.

  • Tracking to the Basket
    We provide tracking to the shopping basket in real-time.

  • Surveys
    Survey capabilities.

  • Hosted Forms
    We provide and host permission-based sign-up forms online for web sites, publishers and companies.
And many more features and services...

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